Waterfall FLIP™

Secure Communications for IT/OT Integration


Waterfall FLIP securely integrates Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) control system networks. Modern enterprises transmit control system information to business networks continuously, and need to send information from business networks into operations networks occasionally – for example when sending control recipes into batch manufacturing systems or when sending anti-virus signatures and other security updates.

Waterfall FLIP is stronger than firewalls, providing industry-leading assurances for the safety,

reliability and security of critical OT networks.

Waterfall FLIP Concept

Waterfall FLIP™ is a hardware-enforced Unidirectional Security Gateway whose orientation is under the control of software inside the protected OT network. The Waterfall FLIP is “pointed” so that it replicates OT servers to IT networks routinely. In this orientation, the OT network is protected absolutely from attacks originating on external networks, and the IT network has real-time access to OT control system data via the replica servers.

By schedule, or by exception, the software inside the protected OT network triggers the FLIP hardware to change orientation, temporarily allowing information back into the protected OT network as needed.


Stronger Than Firewalls

Waterfall FLIP harnesses security features of Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways to address specific IT/OT integration needs. Data streams out of, and occasionally into the OT network are completely independent and are physically unable to coexist. As a result, the Waterfall FLIP is stronger than firewalls, and meets the most demanding IT/OT integration needs

Highlighted FLIP Features

Waterfall FLIP supports a wide variety of features:

  • Real-time replication of many kinds of IT & OT servers
  • All of the features of those replications available in FLIP deployments
  • Configurable dynamic FLIP conditions
  • Configurable payload content filtering
  • Compact 1u rack-mount device
  • Scheduled or randomized FLIP programming for software and security updates
  • Configurable store-and-forward queues for inbound data
  • Continuous logging to enterprise SIEMs and log servers
  • 1Gbps operation
  • Available High Availability options


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